Corporate Social Responsibility

If you would like to donate your surplus supplies, Valley Surgical works with relief organizations that specialize in providing and redistributing surgical products to developing countries across the world. By donating your non-moving, unwanted, or recently expired surgical supplies, you are able to obtain tax write-offs, while providing supplies to those without the means to get it themselves.

Case Example

Valley Surgical teamed up with Advocates for World Health in the Fall of 2015 in an effort to provide medical products on a global level. In working with domestic hospitals and surgery centers, Valley Surgical frequently uncovers products unsuitable for domestic placement, but suitable for use in international health care providers, particularly in the developing world. AWH contributes a deep network within 25 countries and in conjunction, Valley Surgical and Advocates for World Health seek to bridge the healthcare gap in even more communities and developing countries.

Advocates for World Health is a not-for-profit corporation that recovers surplus medical products and distributes them to relief agencies working in developing nations. The medical products we recover provide medical humanitarian aid and improve healthcare access in impoverished communities while preventing these life-saving materials from going to waste. To read more about AWH, please visit

If you would like to learn more about the not for profit organizations we work with to redistribute surgical supplies worldwide, email for more details.